Month: November 2018

Have you ever felt disconnected? Like you didn’t belong? Wondered how you even ended up here? I felt all of the above for longer than I’d like to admit, and somehow I’ve made it through to the other side… *for the most part. I’ve gone from feeling like The Ugly Duckling to a sparkling swan. The world is too full of amazing things to get stuck focused on that which is not.

I’m joining the blogosphere to share all the things that make life magic for me, in the hopes that it will add some magic, sparkle or connection to your life as well! Welcome aboard!


There are so many ways to find connection when it comes to food. I once heard someone say that one reason we can overeat is because we aren’t actually tasting our food, but memories of food. And there are so many good memories to conjure. My first trip to Portugal was an introduction to their […]

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