Exuberant, vintage wearing, world-traveling, quirky idea machine and writer, Tiffany Benedict Browne moved to Indianapolis from L. A. in 2003 to forge a new adventure.

Research, exploring cities, and preserving old stuff, fills her heart and fuels her every day. She finds connection in all people, places and things and possesses an infectious ‘joie de vivre’ when in her element. She typically takes steps two at a time, laughs too loud, and is undoubtedly the gal in the car next to you singing her heart out (obvious stares be damned).

She brakes for squirrels, flea markets and fresh-brewed tea; loves music: from Julie Andrews to Jay-Z (though Jellyfish is her fave); comedy: from Bob Newhart to Chris Rock; and activities: from rock climbing walls to embroidering tea towels. She has survived walking on 1200+ degree hot coals, jumping out of an airplane and her childhood.

Other things making her life magic these days is a silver-fox husband, her website HistoricIndianapolis.com, working on a book about Indianapolis bicycle history and her two black Pomeranians.

Tiffany’s three credos: “May I leave my corner of the world better than I found it,” “Do unto others…” and “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”