Like the rest of the world, I’d love to wake up from this particular nightmare. Or pause this horrific movie. Or just get this elephant off my chest.

I have been working my tush off on a book about Indy bicycle history, and while I have still intermittently working on it, go figure–I’m having trouble concentrating.

All the people I like, admire, love, or just know are ever-present on my mind…and how we are all going to make it through this craziness.

Unfortunately, that will have a lot to do with time and distance.

For what it’s worth, I thought I’d collect up and share some ideas that can be done at home for those who say there is nothing to do. Many of them allow you the illusion that you are in control of something, if only for a few minutes or hours.

Photo: Pixabay

CLEANING- such a go to for me and most women I know. And, no internet required. Put on some music or a podcast and have at it.

Things to organize or clean up/ out:

  • Email box
  • desktop
  • Phone apps
  • Phone photos
  • iTunes
  • all downloaded photos
  • physical photos
  • shelves
  • drawers
  • makeup brushes
  • pen/ pencil cups- throw out old pens that have dried out
  • closet
  • refrigerator shelves and drawers
  • car
  • wish lists
  • ironing/ mending pile
  • scrub floors
  • tiles/ grout in bathrooms/ kitchens
  • polish tarnished family items/jewelry/ other
  • piles of old magazines or mail
  • stained pots/ pans/ other beloved kitchen equipment – interesting one for cleaning a coffee pot!
  • your facebook timeline
  • your pinterest boards
  • scrapbook projects
  • Holiday/ birthday lists
  • File cabinets/ folders
  • Garage
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

TALENTS/ SKILLS– whether you have them or want to learn them (and I get that with some of these, you may need to order some supplies).

Seems like there is always some YouTuber who has it all figured out, so hit up the google and see.

  • draw/ paint/ recycled art projects
  • make a collage – I may have to try some of these ideas(click) Who knew there were so many kinds of collage?
  • apps you haven’t used
  • embroidery
  • sewing – Crimson Tate is my favorite local on Mass Ave (click). The website hasn’t been updated yet, but they are on an online only basis right now, and more limited hours, so maybe call first!
  • cooking – tons of free recipes out there. And this site is the coolest as you may run low on ingredients. Check what you have, and it gives you recipe options!
  • writing/ journaling
  • calligraphy –I’ve taken a couple classes from Kim at Hoopla 
  • coloring — there are a couple of free downloads here via (s/o to Heather Hall- saw this on her instagram) and one of my fave shoe designers, Fluevog created some free downloadable (click here) also!
  • practice/ improve your typing words per minute
  • sing and/ or dance
  • play an instrument
  • ancestry research
  • origami
  • other new skills you’d like to learn
  • video teach a skill you have to share
  • upholstery
  • that random fill-in-the-blank  project piece you picked up and haven’t touched yet
  • plant seeds
The real WWF: Words With Friends


  • movies- streaming is getting overloaded, so bonus points if you have some old DVDs you can dig out.
  • specifically stand up comedies. Time to find some laughs some damn where.
  • read- so many good books and magazines out there. I can’t say I’ve read a bunch not related to bicycles, Indy or the Industrial revolution lately, bur I loved Devil in the White City, and was able to download it to the kindle app. (No worries about someone else having handled it, either )
  • jigsaw puzzles – Silver in the City on Mass Ave has a bunch of fun ones (click here). 

    I like Ravensburger puzzles the best. Even if they are often missing a piece.
  • games – especially ones on a phone or iPad, so you aren’t in the same space/ touching pieces with family. Words with friends and Ticket to Ride are a couple of my faves–you can keep your distance and still play if you are in the same room with someone.
  • text or call and check in on friends and family
  • make a bucket list- times like these are good at bringing your ‘must do’s’ into focus.
  • write and send cards out (use disposable gloves and a sponge to seal)
  • Exercise
  • Meditate
  • Gratitude list/ jar

If anyone has specific suggestions, please advise and I can add some links!

Please be smart, stay safe and love each other!